Jewish Leaders Program

The Jewish Leaders Program is an elite program, open to Jewish day school and public school teens, designed to create the next generation of Jewish leaders through individual training and mentorship from current world influencers. Teens will embark on a life changing journey to New Orleans to provide assistance to their community, followed by 4 engaging sessions, learning about the Jewish perspective on Chessed and Community service.

Qualifying applicants will participate in a series of one-on-one text-based study sessions with a community mentor, drawing on classic Jewish sources as well as contemporary reflections from the society that surrounds us. This will be followed by a short speech on a related topic, from trailblazers who have accomplished incredible things in a variety of fields. These are individuals at the top of their industries and are carefully chosen to illustrate the wide-ranging effects one can have on the community while maintaining a proud Jewish identity. Participants will gain insight into the multi-faceted approach of classical Judaism regarding communal responsibility and needs

Service Mission to New Orleans
This experience will be jam-packed with amazing opportunities for teens to help rebuild houses for those affected from storm damage over the last few years, learn about the unique culture in New Orleans, and connect with each other as a group. For more detailed information about the trip click HERE!

Programs Details
The Jewish Leaders Initiative is a 5 session program that pairs teens up with lay leaders in the community that mentor and learn with the teens, leading by example in sharing ideas about leadership in social action on the community, specifically in how they themselves contribute to the community.

The program will meet at Beit Avraham in Brookline on Sunday nights at 7:15pm until 8:30pm, beginning November 17- December 15. Participants are expected to commit to the expectations set by the program guidelines, including attendance of the initial service mission and Chessed trips. Dinner will be served at each session.

Program Dates
October 27: Introduction Session
November 6- Trip to New Orleans
November 17: First Session- Visiting The Sick
November 24: Volunteer
December 1: Second Session- Comfort Mourners
December 8: Volunteer
December 15: Third Session- Host Guests
January 5: Volunteer

Application process
The Jewish Leaders Program program is looking for applicants who are passionate about impacting Jewish communal life. JLP is a unique opportunity for teens eager to connect with current Jewish leaders on how they can find their role in assisting the needs of Jews in Greater Boston and around the world. JLP is a rigorous program and is looking for teens who are willing to make the commitment and investment to learn about the Jewish community and discover where they can make a difference.

Apply online HERE

  • Complete the essay
  • Submit one letter of recommendation

Choose one of the following essay topics. Please use a minimum of 500 words:
1. What is a Jewish question you always wanted answered but never asked?
2. A hero is a living manifestation of our dreams and aspirations, they represent a target towards which we can reach and a trajectory to which we strive to align ourselves. A hero need not be an image we wish to become, but rather a representation of the possibility of success in our own dreams and struggles. Name a hero in your life and describe the dreamer aspiration they represent in your life.


  • Teens will develop an awareness for the different needs of a Jewish community.
  • Teens will internalize a passion to volunteer for the different Jewish organizations in Greater Boston
  • Teens will gain an appreciation for the origin of social action and caring about the world from the Torah.
  • Teens will have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and actually implement their ideas to assist the community.
  • Knowledge of what the communal needs are and how to be helpful
  • Learn how to create an organization to help the community in other ways

Upon completion of the program you will earn

  • Once in a lifetime trip to New Orleans to assist the community in it’s rebuilding efforts.
  • Opportunity to network with Mentors for possible internships
    Connect with organizations to impact